Delivering True Privacy to the World of Chat

About Grig

GRIG is an ambitious project dedicated to produce a cutting-edge mobile platform providing highly secure messaging, payments and authentication capabilities. Boasting a Defence grade protection from a third party, the mobile application employs true end-to-end encryption which requires creating the secure tunnel between users. Similar to Bitcoin Blockchain, the application encrypts messaging data using the recipient’s public key and dissolves it inside the background picture. The mobile application is stacked with cool features like “over-the-shoulder- look free” mode, chat window pin code lock, “fake pin code - message erased” feature, “create ecosystem”, and few other tools you can find only in Grig, providing users with unprecedented level of privacy and security. Our team is led by experienced cryptography and mobile security experts with proven track record of successful projects has been working hard on creating the friendliest and most secure messaging ecosystem available on the market today.

Benefits of Grig


    Suitable for professional, corporate and casual user


    No previous knowledge in cryptography needed


    Using the latest proprietary technologies to keep your communication safe and secure


    Activate multiple sub accounts with your Corporate license and create your own communication community


    Promotional license designed specifically for whose users who enjoy taking challenges to win big


  • No phone number is required to activate and use the application.

  • On-device encryption

    The unique Secret Key is generated and kept on a device and not on a server.

  • Single time Secret Key use

    The Secret key is generated only once to accommodate a single tunnel communication: every time new tunnel opens – the new set of Keys is generated.

  • Asymmetric Elliptic Curve Encryption Protocol

    Proprietary encryption algorithm with asymmetric properties, assuring single-device–single-time message decryption event – the message is downloaded only once and on single device only.

  • Sender’s Anonymity

    The recipient receives a notification about the message without any knowledge about who the sender is.

  • Random-BoardTM custom keyboard

    Random-BoardTM custom keyboard works in 2 modes, floating and random symbol placement - designed to disorient key-logging malware by relocating symbols every time user types the button.

  • Distributed Storage

    Once recorded, the message is encrypted and broken down into segments and distributed among random server nodes.

  • Dual PIN Entry Requirement

    The recipient receives an encrypted message only after entering personal PIN code; the message is decoded only after the sender enters the sender’s PIN (through analogue dial channel in paid version).

  • Analogue PIN Transmission

    PIN codes are transmitted over analogue dial channel and are not recognized and not recorded by most surveillance systems (paid versions only).

  • Viewed and Destroyed

    The message is completely erased after being viewed by the recipient.

  • Mock Message View

    The fake message (background picture) is displayed when any user dials the Fake PIN code.

  • Single View Wipe Out

    Secure Tunnel Application uninstalls itself after displaying the message when used in Spy Mode.

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